Hey, We’re Girls Against Anxiety and we want to be here when you feel like you need someone. We’re creating spaces for all women and non-binary people of any lifestyles to come and feel like they are no longer alone and get creative while doing so. We will be holding creative workshops which will range from Jewellery making to painting, book clubs, well-being workshops and any sort of craft that will give us a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Anxiety effects us all in very different ways and sometimes it feels like we’re the only one! This is what we want to change. We feel if more people knew others felt like them there wouldn’t be this underlining guilt that we’re letting ourselves down or others, if we are open about our feelings then these little obstacles wouldn’t feel so big. Let’s support each other, help each other rise and feel good! 

Pals supporting Pals.

Hi i’m Robyn this project is my passion and anxiety is something I’ve dealt and suffered with pretty much my whole life. I’ve had many ups and downs within my journey and am still trying to figure my own feelings out. I talk very openly about my Anxieties to my friends and family but I haven’t always been understood. There was a time in my life where I didn’t want to be here anymore and I didn’t feel like I could feel better ever again, my mum saw I wasn’t being myself and told me to go talk to my doctor, I remember sitting in front of my GP just sobbing and telling her I didn’t know what to do and that I just wanted to feel better again. She referred me to counselling and that’s where I began to understand more about myself and what I was really feeling. I was angry, upset, insecure and anxious AF! My councillor helped me so much but I also had to do a lot of the work myself. From this time I have really understood myself so much more, I know a lot of my triggers and I know how to help myself if I am going down a dark whole once again. Do I always stick to this, defiantly not but I’m human and I’m a very very emotional one too haha. 

This is why I want to help others because if I had, had an array of girls telling me that they felt the same and that they were there to help me laugh or let me cry I’m sure I would have never felt so alone.

Hey! I’m Hannah – 1/4 of the amazing G.A.A. I started this incredible journey with Robyn because I knew I just couldn’t miss out on being involved in such a life-changing and wonderful movement. Anxiety has been a major aspect of my life since I was around 16 years old – I was in a very smothering and intense relationship at the time, and just started Sixth Form. I was on my first contraceptive pill, and I began to develop a very depressive mindset. I found I was losing interest and joy in the things that I used to love, and really struggled at college. I remember my Mum coming into my room one day with a newspaper article showing me how other women had found that the contraceptive pill had really badly affected their life – and this is when I knew that I needed to come off it. I also ended my relationship at the time, and really worked on myself from that day forward.

Since then, I have battled anxiety and some days I still get really down about things that are happening in my life but have come to a point where I have accepted that anxiety and depression will always be a part of me. I wish I had an emotive outlet like G.A.A when I was going through my late teenage years – but I am so beyond proud to be part of the team and to help give women unconditional support and friendship during their battles with anxiety.

Hi everyone, I’m Ricardo. 1/4 of G.A.A. What Robyn is creating is so valuable especially in Torbay. As someone who doesn’t identify as female but does struggle with certain aspects of anxiety, I can see the demand and power of this group. Growing up in a single-parent family with my mum supporting both myself and my brother. I know how powerful, strong, determined and truly amazing women are. Especially when supported and empowered by other women. Another reason why G.A.A is so crucial, and why I can’t wait to join Robyn on this journey. A little bit about me, I’m an 18-year-old radio presenter and DJ. Hosting my own radio show. Within my profession, I can become very anxious especially around live events and conversing with new people. I am that person who writes everything down in their notes first. Including this paragraph right now. For many years I carried on with things assuming it’s very normal to do all these things. This is because my coping method has always been, just keep going! Upon having a chat with Robyn and talking about anxiety and sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings. We quickly discovered some of the things I do are forms of anxiety from time to time. My role within G.A.A will be to help out wherever possible, as well as helping with playlists, social media, and the podcast. I can’t wait to meet the amazing women who become apart of Girls Against Anxiety.

Hi, I’m Ceri, and I am the owner of Gaia where Girls Against Anxiety groups are going to be held in the future. When Robyn first told me about the project, I was very excited about the opportunity to get involved. Anxiety was not something I had suffered from first-hand until recently but is something that has affected many who are dear to me. This all changed when I had my beautiful little girl, it seems she was born along with all kinds of anxieties that I would never have considered before her birth. I am really fortunate to have the support of my husband who I can talk through my anxieties with and have really come to appreciate how talking about things really helps and that is why I am so excited to be involved.